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Welcome to the literary world of Marion Marchetto

home-glove-flowerCome stroll along the pathways that lead to the fictitious world of THE BRIDGEWATER CHRONICLES – a New England version of Downton Abbey. Meet the Newkirk family whose roots go deep into Boston history. Begin the journey in Stairway To My Heart as Cordelia and Kevin Newkirk found their dynasty. In This Jaded Heart you’ll follow the exploits of their wild-child rebel Corinne (Birdie) Newkirk. The third generation comes into its own in TEDDY BLUE as granddaughter Zena Hawkins goes to Hollywood. This series comes to its amazing conclusion in THE BRIDGEWATER LEGACY.

Marion MarchettoAnd if you’re not sure if Bridgewater is somewhere you’d like to visit, get a short glimpse of life there in one of her short stories. All revolving around the Newkirk family and their likeable domestic staff.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Come back often. See what’s new. Invite your friends.


P.S. I like to set my stories in real places with lots of history. As you wander between the covers of my books, see if you recognize any place that may have special meaning to you.