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…..To Drink Cheap Wine

There's an old adage that goes, Life Is Too Short To Drink Cheap Wine. I enjoyed a nice supper this evening with my friend LaPlage (we have names for each other). After work we headed over to Ruby Tuesday's with the intention of having the salad bar - yes we were going to be good. [...]

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More Summer Fun

The hot days of July and August bring to mind the simple pleasures we enjoyed in our youth. For those of my friends who owned bicycles it seemed there was nothing better than to ride their bikes through their neighborhood. For those of us who lived either in town or closer to town it playing [...]

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Assistance from My Dad

The current story line I'm working on is based in part on long-past family members. Much of it I recall from things I learned as a child but there are parts of it that I was never told for various reasons. As I approached the telling of certain events I figured I would have to [...]

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At last I can welcome everyone to my 'official' blog. I've been trying for over a year to blog in various places and connect them to my old website. Always had a problem doing that. But now that I have a real webmaster who has granted me these things like a story-book godfather, it is [...]

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