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Fair Weather

As an adult I loved going to the Big E (Eastern States Exposition). For weeks on end we see the billboards and hear the announcements on the radio telling us of special features and reminding us of the dates. Closer to home my favorites were the Guilford Fair, the Durham Fair, and of course the [...]

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A Small Milestone

Writing my current manuscript has taken longer than I would have expected. Don't know why this one gave me so much trouble at the beginning - maybe it was because I knew how it would end but couldn't see the right place to start the story. I've had lots of input from friends and relatives [...]

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Looking for Something?

Welcome to the Hunt for the Albino Squirrel! Don't forget to check out these other websites: Sandi Rog:      Mid Stutsman              Elizabeth Bussey               James Tate Dianne Sagan Kat Crawford             Kelly Klepfer Lisa Lickel       Tamera Kraft        Penny McGinnis [...]

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Monday Monday

Isn't is amazing how quickly a week goes by? And why is it that the older I get the more quickly the weeks flash past? Actually, I'm quite relieved to have it be Monday since I've spent the past four days nursing a malady of the digestive system. Now isn't that a fancy way to [...]

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Well Here We Are Again….

There's a wonderful song by Cher that starts with those words. And how appropriate those words are for almost any situation. Today being Labor Day means that we are at an ending/starting place for lots of things. For example: the official end to summer and the start of back to school; the end (hopefully) of [...]

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