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Once Upon A Midnight Hour

When I was a child, Christmas seemed like more of a religious holiday than it does today. Throughout the four weeks leading up to December 25th we observed the liturgical season of Advent (from the Latin ad ventus - going before). During Advent, Catholic families are expected to reflect upon the upcoming birth of the [...]

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A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

A few days ago I came across an old photo of the Derby Savings Bank. I?m sure you know the place, that large building spanning the corner of Main and Olivia Streets in Derby. Its imposing edifice is the official gateway to Derby as one crosses the Commodore Hull Bridge. That old photo brought back [...]

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One Ringy-Dingy, Two Ringy-Dingys

I watch with amazement the way our young people go through their daily lives, connected as they are with the world around them through a tiny hand-held device that uses the term phone as an alias. Seems these little phones are everywhere, doing everything, for everybody. I?ll admit to owning one but it just takes [...]

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History – It’s All Around Us

When I was in grammar school I hated learning about history. No, that's not exactly true - I did like Ancient History. I was curious about the people who lived in places like Old Rome and Athens, learning about the Spartans, and how Caesar conquered all of Gaul. Things for me got a bit fuzzy [...]

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How We Look at Our world

When I look at a Monet painting, you know the ones with muted colors, I am overcome with a sense of calmness that is very difficult to explain. And I've often wondered what technique the artist used to paint in that manner. My 'Aha Moment' came today when I read a poem by Lisel Mueller [...]

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Green, Yellow, Red

While the color sequence of green-yellow-red normally calls to mind the colors of a traffic light, at this time of year it brings back memories of three kinds of apples ? granny smith (green), golden delicious (yellow), and mackintosh (red). Every September our family would drive out to one of the farms in Orange where [...]

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The Old Featherbed

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of sleeping on or under a featherbed let me explain briefly what it is. I found this definition on the internet and it explains to some extent what I?m talking about. ?Featherbeds are mattress toppers that provide extra cushion and comfort to the sleeper. Filled [...]

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A Little Bit of This & That

Welcome to the heat of August! 99 degrees today here in NW FL and the heat index is over 110!!!! The perfect day for hibernating in my air-conditioned home office and blogging, writing, etc. My first order of business is to give credit where credit is due - and that is to my wonderful cousin [...]

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Ice Cream With A Twist

Although the first Carvel Ice Cream store opened in 1953 in Glastonbury, I remember most vividly the first Carvel store in our valley. It was an all glass-front building located on the northbound side of Route 334 in Ansonia, just before Bridge Street crosses the river into downtown. Everyone in our family loves ice cream [...]

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Play Ball!

Let me state up front that I am not athletically inclined. I’ve never had a good sense of balance. Skating was not a pastime of my youth; nor was bicycle riding one of my accomplishments. Even today I have one of the three-wheeled bicycles with a large basket at the rear. My dad, who had [...]

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