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The Man with The Black Satchel

Around the end of January and along into February most of us children were prone to catching colds. There was nothing so annoying as a stuffy nose, a scratchy throat, or being all cold and shivery. Since I rode the bus to school each day I was exposed to all sorts of germs and airborne [...]

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The Telling of a Story – Week Three

Well, here we are into week three and don't you know my mind was so uncomfortable with trying to find a name for my male lead that I've decidedd to switch things around completely. Instead of having our patriarch be of Italian heritage I've decided to have our matriarch be Italian. So many pretty female [...]

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The Telling of a Story – Week Two

This week hasn't seen too much progress on Book #4. Mainly because I've been dividing my time between polishing to near perfection the manuscript for Oak Cliff and working on the new book. Since I've decided that this story will pretty much follow the multiple generations of one family, I have diagrammed a basic family [...]

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The Telling of a Story – Week One

Since I am beginning the work on a new book (novel) I thought it might be fun to share the progress with everyone. Plus I'll have the advantage of documenting my progress (and pitfalls) as I move along. I hope that you, dear reader and/or fan, will follow along and gain a better appreciation of [...]

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