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One Ringy-Dingy, Two Ringy-Dingys

I watch with amazement the way our young people go through their daily lives, connected as they are with the world around them through a tiny hand-held device that uses the term phone as an alias. Seems these little phones are everywhere, doing everything, for everybody. I?ll admit to owning one but it just takes [...]

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History – It’s All Around Us

When I was in grammar school I hated learning about history. No, that's not exactly true - I did like Ancient History. I was curious about the people who lived in places like Old Rome and Athens, learning about the Spartans, and how Caesar conquered all of Gaul. Things for me got a bit fuzzy [...]

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How We Look at Our world

When I look at a Monet painting, you know the ones with muted colors, I am overcome with a sense of calmness that is very difficult to explain. And I've often wondered what technique the artist used to paint in that manner. My 'Aha Moment' came today when I read a poem by Lisel Mueller [...]

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