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The Price of Progress in TV Land

   When I was born, television was something new and exciting. It was a large box with a screen that was housed in a piece of furniture. In the back of the screen was a forest of tubes and connectors that 'caught' the signal and translated them into a picture for our viewing pleasure.    [...]

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Celebrating the Month of May

Each girl who attended St. Michael's grammar school automatically became a 'Child of Mary'. As such, we were given a rosary, a holy medal of the Blessed Virgin, and a lovely blue ribbon on which to wear the medal. Mostly we were obligated to attend devotions where the rosary was prayed aloud and to partake [...]

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Bugs vs. Historical Fiction

     I've been asked by numerous people why I chose to write historical fiction as opposed to any other genre (romance, comedy, mystery, etc). I suppose the answer lies with the knowledge that everything we experience or do is a form of history.      Historical fiction, for me, helps me understand why I've said or [...]

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