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Table Manners for Tots

Today I am welcoming guest blogger Emily Patterson. Emily is the Marketing Coordinator of Primrose Schools Day Care ( with an accredited curriculum, optimized to help children to build a foundation for a future of success. It may seem like an old-fashioned idea to teach children table manners, but some things never go out of [...]

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A World in Books

As an only child of two working parents, I was often left to occupy myself for hours on end. My after school hours were filled with homework assignments; but once those were completed I turned to books to fill the void until my parents came home. On sick days, I was allowed to watch television [...]

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Seriously Christmas

I love Christmas! As long as I can remember, and that is well over fifty years, Christmas has been my favorite holiday. Hailing from the Northeast, my version of a perfect Christmas is having a tree full of decorations and lights, gaily wrapped presents, and our special Christmas Eve dinner. Later the family would go [...]

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