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Books and Bookstores

With the growing popularity of the Kindle and Nook ereaders, it was only a matter of time before someone addressed the longevity of the actual, physical book. Thankfully, author Amy Stewart has provided us with a fictional offering called The Last Bookstore. Ironically, I'm reading this novel on my Kindle which, by the way, I have [...]

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Odd Jobs

I live in a neighborhood where home-ownership means lots of upkeep on our houses and yards. Those of us who qualify as aging baby-boomers now find ourselves in the position of hiring someone to help with yard work, mostly lawn mowing. While there are many neighbors with children, not one of those youngsters is even [...]

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FOLLOW THE SUN Part 1 Birdsong and bright sunshine greeted Mona as she opened her eyes. Turning her head without lifting it from her pillow, she focused her sight on her alarm clock and noted the time - just past seven thirty. Stretching her legs beneath the floral quilt seemed to get her blood flowing [...]

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Road Trip

It's always nice when we can take a break from our daily routine and do something new. That's what happened recently when my dear hubby and I drove  up to North Carolina to visit friends. It all started with the TripTik. We carefully entered our information into the computer and through the modern marvel of [...]

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Delivering Your Bundle of Joy

Welcome to Sergio Sexton Ferrara! Congratulations to his parents Brandy and Brent. In honor of the birth yesterday (Leap Day) of my godson's first child, I'm offering this article written by Katie Moore. Preparing to give birth is an exciting time for every mother, whether new or experienced. Making a plan for delivery day and [...]

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