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BOOK REVIEW: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay

Ten year old Sirka's world is a happy one. She has loving parents and a fun-loving four year old brother whom she adores. But all that changes on the night of July 16, 1942 when German-occupied Paris is forced to give up it's Jewish families. Up to this point the Germans have only taken away [...]

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Cars with tail fins cruising down the streets by day or drag racing under the cover of darkness; Cousin Brucie, Murray The K, Wildman Steve Gallon, Mike Lawless, Rocky The Jockey – the DJ’s who brought life to our radios; the infancy of Rock ‘n Roll; cardigan sweaters, bobby socks; pony tails, pageboys, pompadours: all [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman

As a longtime fan of Alice Hoffman, I was thrilled to find this latest offering. This author is known for her strong female characters and in The Dovekeepers she does not disappoint. The lure of four strong females was irresistible.  Set on the plains of Masada, four women of varied backgrounds find themselves at a [...]

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Author Interview: TAMI KIDD

My guest today is Tami Kidd, author of the novel Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. I interviewed Tami a short while ago and here is what she had to say. Q:  Can you briefly describe your journey in writing your book? A:  I've started many books throughout my life, but I've never finished them. I'd get [...]

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Gardens of Marqueyssac

I've decided to add a new feature based on interesting places that I come across while I'm doing research for my books. I have tried in the past to keep a file (or two or three) of these but somehow they get lost or misplaced (if printed out). As a way of keeping things organized, [...]

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When last we left Mona she had just managed to survive her first full day of retirement. Her story continues: Mona spent the next two days nursing her sore back while she sat quite still in front of her newest purchase - her wide screen television. Fortunately, she loved movies and had an extensive collection [...]

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Reasons Why You Should Not Self-Publish

I've been reading blogs more today than usual and came across this one by Victorine E. Lieske. To read her blog click here: victorinewrites.­blogspot.­com/­2011/­03/­reasons-­why-­you-­should-­not-­self-­publish.­html For those who want the highlights, Victorine addresses the following:  debunking the idea of publishing crap; keeping typos and such out of your finished product; the fear of not selling your work; [...]

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