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45 Life Lessons

The following was sent in an e-mail to me. I thought it so inspiring that I wanted to pass it on to everyone. Written by a 90 year old... This is something we should all read at least once a week!!!!! Make sure you read to the end!!!!!! Written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, [...]

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How An Indie Author Uses Pinterest

I recently commented on a question posed by another indie author who asked what relevance Pinterest (as another tool of social media) might have for an author. Here is my comment: In response to your pondering about Pinterest, I have dedicated an entire board to the series I am currently writing. All sorts of things [...]

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When we left Millie and Mona they were about to test their skills with a glue gun.     The next two weeks went by in a blur. Not only did Millie and Mona make another seashell wreath, they affixed seashells to almost everything they could get their hands on: napkin holders, napkin rings, picture [...]

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A Word of Thanks

I'm sending a big thank you out to all my blog readers for their patience this past month. My webmaster has been migrating all of the information from my website's old server onto a new server that will hopefully mean a newer, improved website for everyone's benefit. I will be posting a new chapter of [...]

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The Things We Leave Behind

Over the course of my life I have changed my home address many times. Each move has been bittersweet because I have had to lighten the load or pay movers an exorbitant amount of money to move my 'stuff'. About ten years ago my husband and I moved from Connecticut to Florida. We were ruthless [...]

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