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August 28 is well-known in our family as my niece (Denise Wessig's) birthday. She is a lovely young woman, a hard worker, a super niece, and a terrific wife, daughter, and sister. So it is to her that I dedicate this column. Today is also the date that Hurricane Isaac hit town. Originally slated to [...]

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How To Write A Book Review

I am borrowing this post from the blog of Kathryn Lowry Logan who borrowed it from Gwen Perkins. The following post by Gwen Perkins (used with permission). It walks you through how to write an Amazon review and the impact reviews have on sales. As anyone who is an author or knows an author knows, many of us frequently [...]

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Oh Those Mansions!

My interests are many and varied but quite often I find myself looking at pictures of houses - from small to large they all interest me. This morning I cam across an article by Bethany Lyttle on It deals with some of the largest individually-owned houses (mansions) here in the United  States. Rather than [...]

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Review Criteria

Over the past few years I've reviewed many books. I try to keep my reviews honest and, in the case of a poor review, tactful. However, I refuse to rate something as four or five stars based on just the story line alone. For me, a five-star rating needs to meet the following criteria: Story [...]

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A Conversation with Cordelia Newkirk

My guest today is Cordelia Newkirk whose early life is featured in STAIRWAY TO MY HEART , Book #1 of The Bridgewater Chronicles. Q:  Thank you for joining us Cordelia. Have you had the opportunity to read STAIRWAY TO MY HEART? A:   Yes, I have. And I find that it is a most accurate telling of the [...]

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Every now and then I run across something that fits into more than one category of my life.  As I was browsing through Pinterest yesterday, looking for inspiration pieces for Book #2 of The Bridgewater Chronicles, I came across a recipe for cornbread that looked good. Following it back to its origin, I stumbled upon [...]

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