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Do You Remember….

As students in the 1950s we were given a set of school books at the start of each school year. Each book had a number written on the inner front cover and our school nuns would dutifully make note of what numbers each of us were assigned. We were then charged with not only the [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Heavenly Road Trip by Fiona Linday

A Short Anthology written for young adults. I felt this anthology would be highly suitable for adult readers as well. Highly readable at a mere thirty pages. Off The Beaten Path Young Yuliya prays daily for deliverance from her life of servitude to her family. She dreams of going to college and one day marrying [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Long March Home by Zoe S. Roy

When teacher Meihua Wei is torn away from her newborn daughter and sent to a labor camp for seven years, she fears that she will never see her family again. Her crime? In the eyes of Communist China she is condemned as an 'anti-revolutionary' simply because her mother is an American. As Meihua labors away [...]

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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing - that's what every author likes to think their book(s) will be. Who knows, maybe you or I will be the lucky author! We are blog hopping our way through some new reads. For those who aren't familiar with a blog hop, it's kind of like a treasure hunt. Once you [...]

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