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YA BOOK REVIEW: Flipped by Wendelin van Draane

This book review was written by Lili Frappied a student at Woodlawn Beach Middle School. Introduce the book:  Flipped is a book told by two people's side(s) of a story - Juliana and Bryce. Tell about the book but don't give away the ending! Bryce moves in across from Juli and ever since then she has [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon

Anyone who's been married for 20+ years can relate to Wife 22 - better known as Alice Buckle. Caught up in the endless routine of a mature marriage, Alice is seeking to find more - more than her daughter's tweets, more than her son's school life, more than her husband's work, and more than her [...]

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Teamwork Saves The Day

I read a news article from my local  ABC-TV affiliate that brought tears to my eyes. In this hurry-up world we live in, it's nice to see people working together in a compassionate manner. Airline delays flight for man to see dying mother  By Katia Hetter (CNN) — If Kerry Drake missed his connecting flight, [...]

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