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Vacation Misery

My husband and I love to go on cruises. In fact, counting the one we just returned from, we've been on 41 cruises over the past 40 years. Most of these cruises have been havens of relaxation, fun, and learning about places we'd never been to before. We started our cruising life taking cruises out [...]

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Vocational Classes

Do any of you ladies remember the Home Economics Classes we had in high school? I'd be surprised if you don't remember those classes which we fondly referred to as Home Ec. I don't recall exactly what year I had those (freshman year or maybe sophomore) but I'm pretty certain it wasn't junior or senior [...]

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My dear hubby and I recently moved from the Florida Panhandle to north central Florida - a distance of about 400 miles one way. The move was accomplished in stages as we made trip after trip with a full car and worked at getting our new place ready for the final move. Now, 400 miles [...]

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