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BOOK REVIEW: Riotous Retirement by Brian Robinson

  Are you over 55? Do you live in a retirement village? Know someone who does? Or are you contemplating moving to one? Then this book is for you. Meet the residents of Burnside Retirement Village - a wanna-be upscale retirement community whose director, Helga, does her level best to keep the place desirable in [...]

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Interview with Author Brian S. Vinson

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've shared an author interview with you. I'm delighted to introduce Brian S. Vinson, author of the Ankara Fevers series.   Brian was born and raised in Texas. His youth was spent in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, right at the tail end of Tornado Alley. Add [...]

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To The Moon and Back – Apollo 11

Forty-five years ago I had the awesome opportunity to watch as an American astronaut set foot on the moon. I remember that day as though it was yesterday. This was the week in 1969 that I, along with a work colleague, were on our first cruise. It was on Home Lines (now defunct) and the [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: She Wore Only White by Dorthe Binkert

  A young woman, dressed in a stunning evening gown of white, boards a NYC bound ocean liner in Antwerp and immediately stirs up gossip and speculation. In 1902 when the Kroonland sets sail on a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, Valentina boards at the last moment and throws herself upon the mercy of a [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Ankara Fever: Homecoming by Brian S. Vinson

  Book two of the Ankara Fever series introduces the reader to the group who comprise owners of the Doomsday Farm - a self-sufficient homestead in the wilds of Arkansas. William (Willie) Wilder, a military-man turned mercenary brings his wife and young son to the homestead fighting through the last vestiges of civilization gone beserk. [...]

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