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Author Interview with Richard Hackett

My guest today is Richard Hackett, author of several books and founder of SeaMercy, a charitable program that brings much-needed health care to the remote islands of the South Pacific.   Richard Hackett holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in International Business and Marketing, with a minor in History. Married with two [...]

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SeaMercy – Guest Post by Richard Hackett

The Real Call of the South Pacific Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Palau, Tonga, Samoa… Just hearing the names of those islands conjures up travel brochure images of a warm tropical sun setting in the distance over blue turquoise waters, palm trees leaning towards the ocean, luxurious air conditioned hotels and honeymoon getaways nestled on secluded white [...]

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Information Please

A friend sent this story to me in an email. It's called Information Please. For those of you old enough to remember dial up phones and operators, it will ring a bell (no pun intended). Somehow, I can't see our children or grandchildren knowing what this is about but maybe we can still teach them. [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Rhinoceros Summer by Jamie Thornton

  Lydia Gibbs is the daughter of a mild-mannered pastor and his wife. As such, she feels that she is type-cast by her classmates as the goody-two-shoes kind of girl. Lydia's passion, however, is what drives her. Her passion is photography. She wants to work for National Geographic and take pictures that will make global [...]

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Author Interview with J. Mark Powell

Let me introduce to you author J. Mark Powell whose book Tell It Like Tupper I was honored to read and review a few months ago.   J. Mark Powell is a Missouri native, former broadcast journalist, Congressional aide and political campaign operative. During his long news career (including 15 years with CNN), he reported [...]

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How To Stop Identity Theft

A while ago I attended a seminar on How To Stop Identity Theft put on by our locall Sheriff's Office. The representatives discussed many different scams that are targeted at senior citizens and gave us an overview on different ways that uncscupulous people try to take advantage of people. It was quite interesting and informative. [...]

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