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Bridgewater Holidays

  Christmas Wishes A Note from the Mistress of Bridgewater   As all of us here at Bridgewater prepare for the celebration of Christmas, I’m sure you can appreciate the organized chaos that heralds the approach of the holiday. Even as I sit in the library with pen in hand, I hear Head Steward Lawson [...]

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Coaching Budding Writers

On Wednesday, October 28th, I had the privilege to visit with approximately 80 students at the Woodlawn Beach Middle School in Gulf Breeze, FL. Thanks to the wonderful magic of Skype we all spent about an hour together. This year the students are writing short stories in the historical fiction genre and I was pleased [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Burnt Sea by Jordan Rivet

As a fan of post-apocalyptic stories, I find it interesting to see how many ways there are for our world to come to an end. I've read several that were preposterous and a few that were so real I felt as though the event had already happened. The latter is what happens in the Seabound [...]

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Book Review: SeaSwept by Jordan Rivet

  This book picks up exactly where Seabound (Book 1 Seabound Chronicles) leaves off. Our erstwhile heroine Esther has developed a live-changing system for turning algae into a usable fuel for the surviving ships and the race is on. The survivors aboard the Catalina - Esther's home ship - want to retain the technology for [...]

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