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Book Review: APRIL SNOW by Lynn Steward

April Snow by Lynn Steward is the second book in her Dana McGarry series. Having met Dana in the first book of the series - A Very Good Life - we are reminded of her upwardly mobile career in fashion merchandising at a prestigious New York City department store. We now encounter Dana, newly divested [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: Failed Moments by A. Robert Allen

  If you had the chance to make your life more meaningful by going back in time to a former life and having a do-over, would you succeed? This is the opportunity given to Patrick Walsh in FAILED MOMENTS by A. Robert Allen. While waiting for his date in the Reflekktions Cafe of the Boigen [...]

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BOOK REVIEW: 77 Days in September by Ray Gorham

  A new and highly plausible twist on an attack on America. With an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack being launched simultaneously on two coasts by American enemies, the entire Northern Hemisphere is soon rendered powerless and incapacitated. Not your typical Armageddon where the entire world is consumed by some dire event, but the targeted and [...]

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