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The Mistress by Danielle Steele

  Natasha Leonova lives a life that could be envied by many. As mistress to Vladimir Stanislas, Russia's wealthiest man, Natasha is clothed in haute couture and dazzling gems; she spends her life aboard one of three yachts or in one of Vladimir's homes located strategically around the globe. Regardless of where she finds herself, [...]

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Throwback Thursday: A Collection of Short Stories from W.B.M.S. by Heather Owens

Throwback Thursday is the product of a semester-long assignment given to middle school students wherein they wrote a short story based on history. This would be a daunting feat for an adult writer yet these students, under the guidance of editor and teacher Heather Owens, have produced a worthy project. The stories range in length [...]

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I’m Gonna Need A Pen edited by Heather Owens

    Are you a reader who looks to find the 'next best thing'? Always on the lookout for the newest cutting edge author? Then look no further than I'm Gonna Need a Pen. This small tome is a compilation of short stories written by middle school students who were given the assignment of taking [...]

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The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck

  Heart's Bend, Tennessee is the setting for The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck. Let the town's name give you a clue as to the message contained within this story  - the love story of Jimmy and Colette. Their tale begins in 1948 when Colette and her sister Peg arrive in town to live with [...]

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