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Book Review: Way Down Upon A Suwanee Murder by Ane Mulligan

A family feud is laid to rest when great-descendents of the original feuders marry. Savannah and Jackson are descendants of both of the original feuding families; both are dead-ringers for their ancestors Eulah and Farris. During a tour of the old Mackey ancestral home (Savannah's family) the pair uncover clues that lead to an exposition [...]

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Book Review: One Second After by William R. Forstchen

One Second After is the first book in a thought-provoking series of what will happen when civilization is nearly wiped out by EMP (electromagnetic pulse) strikes. This books takes us through the first three hundred and sixty-five days after the strike and shows the swift degradation of society when people realize that help isn't coming [...]

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Book Review: While The Duke Was Sleeping by Sophie Jordan

Shopgirl Poppy Fairchurch is in love with a duke. But the duke doesn't even recognize her existence although he encounters her on a regular basis during his weekly visits to the flower shop where she works. After his most recent visit to the shop, Poppy is witness to his altercation with another man and as [...]

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Book Review: We Sink or Swim Together by Gill Paul

We Sink or Swim Together: an eShort Love Story by Gill Paul This story takes place on the ill-fated Lusitania, the ship that was sunk off the coast of Ireland by a German submarine during World War I. Based on the lives of an actual couple who met on board the ship and married six [...]

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Book Review: No Such Thing by Jackie French Koller

Do you remember the 'monster under the bed' from your childhood? Was the monster real? Or was it simply an overactive imagination come to life? Author Jackie French Koller looks at things from a different perspective. What if the little monster actually slept under the bed but was frightened of the boy who slept above [...]

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Book Review: James Clyde & The Diamonds of Orchestra by Colm McElwain

If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series of books, then you will certainly enjoy James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra (first of a series of books). There are many similarities: an eleven year old orphan boy, his two friends - one boy and one girl, introduction of an 'other world' where James was born [...]

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Book Review: Edna & Luna by Gleah Powers

Seventy year old Edna Harwood is adjusting to life as a childless widow. She is finding it difficult to fill the void of her lonely days and tries to make the most of her relationships with her hair stylist and her gardener. Until she runs into a strange young woman in the supermarket who is [...]

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