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Memorial Day Memories

Does anyone remember when this holiday was fondly called Decoration Day?  You'd most likely need to be over 55 to have a first hand memory of that. When I was a child Decoration Day was a holiday of remembrance of our deceased war veterans and we would decorate their graves in memory of their service [...]

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Book Review: Bad Kitty Takes The Test by Nick Bruel

This is the first book of this series that I've read and I must say I wasn't impressed. Maybe I'm too old for this kind of schtick (I'm over 50) but I don't think so. As a cat owner, I also found the book to be a bit overly critical of a cat's intelligence. Why [...]

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Book Review: Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion

Grand Central Station in New York City is a crossroads of life and has been for many generations. This collection of ten short stories centers on Thursday, September 20, 1945 and follows the individual yet intertwined stories of different people as they each arrive at a cross-road in their lives. All of their stories involve [...]

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Book Review: Master of Blackmoor by Julie Shelton

Danielle DuLac is desperate. With her father recently deceased and her position as a teacher no longer viable after her father's recent death, she accepted a position as governess to a pompous Lord whose only goal was seduction. She left his employ, as did many others, but he refused to provide her with a reference [...]

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Overseas by Beatriz Williams (Book Review)

I finally pulled this book down from my bookshelf where it has sat for the past three years. I am delighted to say I have found a wonderful new author (at least new to me). Overseas is the debut novel of Beatriz Williams and it is a time travel book unlike any other I’ve read. [...]

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A Celebration of Mediocrity

Excerpt from A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman:        "Nowadays people changed their stuff so often that any expertise in how to make things last was becoming superfluous. Quality: no one cared about that anymore.... No one could change tires. Install a dimmer switch. Lay some tiles. Plaster a wall. File their [...]

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Adult Coloring Craze for Relaxation

So, when I'm not reading, writing, reviewing, or doing anything literary related I've jumped on the coloring craze bandwagon. As a child I used to color - always keeping within the lines LOL - and I thought the best thing in the world was the 64 color box of Crayola Crayons with a sharpener embedded [...]

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