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Magnate (The Knickerbocker Club) by Joanna Shupe

Set in the early days of the New York Stock Exchange, Magnate introduces us to Emmett Cavanaugh, a steel baron and self-made man who has risen from the childhood gutters of New York City to a mansion on fashionable Fifth Avenue as he lives the work-driven life of a confirmed bachelor. His only goals are [...]

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Tycoon (The Knickerbocker Club) by Joanna Shupe

Tycoon is the novella that kicks off The Knickerbocker Club series by Joanna Shupe. Set in New York City’s Gilded Age, we meet Ted Harper as he awaits his train at Grand Central Depot. As he stands alone on the platform he suddenly finds himself “staring down into the greenest eyes he’s ever seen”; the [...]

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A Daring Arrangement by Joanna Shupe

Lady Honora Parker, daring daughter of the Earl of Stratton, causes a scandal when she is found disheveled from kissing a young artist who has pledged his heart to her. Although they wish to marry, her father vehemently objects and sends her to New York City in hopes of her finding a husband in America. [...]

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Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher by Maxine Sylvester

If you're not yet a fan of Ronaldo you should be. Children of all ages will enjoy the continuing adventures of Ronaldo the reindeer in this charming children's series. In this second story Ronaldo and his friend Rudi continue their education at The Reindeer Flying Academy where they are second year students. Doing all of [...]

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