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The Bins of Cotteridge Down by Peta Lemon (Book Review)

  The village of Cotteridge is a lovely place. Clean and neat. A nice place to live. Until one day, the folks who live there started getting careless. A discarded wrapper, a piece of rubbish that didn't quite land in the trash bin, and so on. It's just a small thing, no one will mind [...]

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Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes by Joanne DeMaio (Book Review)

Vera Sterling is a journalist who lives in Boston. Just before returning to the shoreline town of Addison, Connecticut for her sister Brooke's wedding, she is passed over for promotion and instead is pink-slipped. With the upcoming wedding Vera has little to no time to worry about her own circumstances and her return to her [...]

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Poor Unfortunate Soul by Serena Valentino (Book Review)

Poor Unfortunate Soul - the name by which Ursula the Sea Witch (of Disney fame) calls those in her garden whom she has coerced into signing away their souls - also refers to the title character in that she was the one who was wronged from birth. This book is the second in a series [...]

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Duchess by Design by Maya Rodale (Book Review)

Book 1 – The Gilded Age Girls Club Brandon Fiennes, the Duke of Kingston, is a former rogue who has taken the responsibilities of his dukedom very seriously. It isn’t easy caring and providing for the scores of people who depend on him for their very livelihood. And when three of those people are his [...]

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The Colonel and The Bee by Patrick Canning (Book Review)

Teen-aged Beatrix is a traveling circus acrobat in the employ of the Machiavellian Ziro. He is abusive toward his star performer but then he is abusive to all his employees. Beatrix (Bee) longs for the day when she can leave the circus and be free of the beatings and abusive language. Of course her smart [...]

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3 Weird “Marketing Secrets” of Successful Authors on Amazon by Shaun Hibbs

Let me preface this by saying that if I hadn’t been provided with a copy of this book by the author for review, I would have invested my own money to buy this one. In a marketplace that is chock-full of ‘how-to’ for authors and wanna-be authors, this one delivers the goods. At the outset, [...]

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A Notorious Vow by Joanna Shupe (Book Review)

A Notorious Vow is the third book in The Four Hundred Series by Joanna Shupe. Lady Christina Barclay is in New York in the hopes of attracting a wealthy husband to save her impoverished parents from debtors prison and to keep their Mayfair home in the family’s possession. But her parents care not a whit [...]

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Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaio

When my friend Mary Ann recommended stories by Joanne DeMaio (who is from Connecticut) I thought I’d give it a try. And I’m happy I did. Whole Latte Life opens with best friends Rachel and Sara Beth celebrating their fortieth birthdays with a girls’ weekend in New York City. While they wait for their lunch [...]

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The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams et al

Three women are the main characters of this book: Caroline Hochstetter – a Southern belle turned New York society matron; Tess Fairweather – a young woman from mid-America who is part of a sister-act of cons, she and her sister are also of German heritage; and Sarah Blake – a contemporary writer who is in [...]

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The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse by Alexander McCall-Smith (Book Review)

With able-bodied young men off to fight in World War II, the tasks of keeping Great Britain fed and clothed falls to civilians. Every inch of available land is planted with some kind of crop. Valerie Eliot works as a land girl – helping out on a nearby farm doing the heavy work for an [...]

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