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Death of a Movie Star by Timothy Patrick

For all of its elegant veneer, Hollywood is a nest of vipers. The queen of the vipers is none other than Lenora Danmore, an eighty-seven year old diva of the first water intent on remaining forever young and beloved. To accomplish this, Lenora is ready to put the finishing touches on her interactive museum. But [...]

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If My Heart Had Wings by Nadine Taylor

This is the love story of Nina Ostrom and Lyndon Raff as told by her daughter, author Nadine Taylor. As a teenager, Nadine discovers her mother's secret - she had been married once upon a time to someone other than her current husband and father of her girls. And when Nadine uncovers a wedding photo [...]

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Sean Goes To Barcelona by Tanya Preminger

Second in the series of Sean books, this adventure begins as eight year old Sean and his mommy travel to Barcelona to see his soccer hero Lionel Messi play in a Team Barcelona soccer game. Sean is also hoping to get an autograph from the professional soccer player. But getting close to the celebrity soccer [...]

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