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The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse by Alexander McCall-Smith (Book Review)

With able-bodied young men off to fight in World War II, the tasks of keeping Great Britain fed and clothed falls to civilians. Every inch of available land is planted with some kind of crop. Valerie Eliot works as a land girl – helping out on a nearby farm doing the heavy work for an [...]

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Re-Issue of Stairway To My Heart

For quite some time I have been unhappy with the way Stairway To My Heart (Book 1 of The Bridgewater Chronicles) has been presented. The original publisher priced it much to high for those readers who have limited funds. Also, I noticed several typos that needed to be corrected. But because I used a vanity [...]

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Wake Me After the Apocalypse by Jordan Rivet (Book Review)

Author Jordan Rivet has struck it out of the ballpark once more in Wake Me After the Apocalypse. As a comet named Brandon speeds toward Earth, the days until mankind’s extinction are truly numbered. Even with eight months until impact there is little that humanity can do: avoidance of this tragedy is impossible. Although the [...]

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We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter (Book Review)

We Were The Lucky Ones is a saga of familial love and hope in the face of terror and destruction. What I liked: a Jewish family torn apart by World War II; their trials and tribulations; an almost global setting; familial love. What I didn't like: the fact that it truly happened (names were changed) [...]

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The Cafe by the Sea by Jenny Colgan

Have you ever wished you could find a little out-of-the-way café with a sea view? Have you ever wished to travel to Scotland? This gem of a book by author Jenny Colgan will bring your wishes to fruition. We first meet Flora, a young law clerk, as she goes about her hassled life in busy [...]

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