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Poor Unfortunate Soul by Serena Valentino (Book Review)

Poor Unfortunate Soul - the name by which Ursula the Sea Witch (of Disney fame) calls those in her garden whom she has coerced into signing away their souls - also refers to the title character in that she was the one who was wronged from birth. This book is the second in a series [...]

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Duchess by Design by Maya Rodale (Book Review)

Book 1 – The Gilded Age Girls Club Brandon Fiennes, the Duke of Kingston, is a former rogue who has taken the responsibilities of his dukedom very seriously. It isn’t easy caring and providing for the scores of people who depend on him for their very livelihood. And when three of those people are his [...]

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The Colonel and The Bee by Patrick Canning (Book Review)

Teen-aged Beatrix is a traveling circus acrobat in the employ of the Machiavellian Ziro. He is abusive toward his star performer but then he is abusive to all his employees. Beatrix (Bee) longs for the day when she can leave the circus and be free of the beatings and abusive language. Of course her smart [...]

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