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Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?

While browsing through Facebook this morning, I came across a photo of an old button box. This brought to mind a chapter from my Valley Memories book. I'd like to share that chapter here with you. It originally appeared as a news column in 2008. If you enjoy this trip down memory lane, be sure [...]

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What Should I Write? – Writing Basics

I am often asked about the mechanics of writing by new authors. These questions usually come from writers I am mentoring; on several occasions I've been asked profound questions by middle school students who are also interested in the art of writing. And sometimes my answers surprise me in that I actually sound like I [...]

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Lighting the Way by Liza DeStefano (Book Review)

Lighting The Way is the second collection of inspirational poems in the Wings of My Heart series by poet and author Liza DeStefano. Ms. DeStefano’s poetry is inspired by the passing of her father in early 2018 (Wings of My Heart) and moves forward through her period of mourning (Lighting The Way). With the additional loss [...]

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