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Introducing Author Rebecca Freimann

Yesterday, I offered you my review of Family Tree: Rooted in Survival. Today I would like to introduce to the book's author. Meet Rebecca Freimann. Rebecca is a special education teacher who resides in New York (state). While teaching middle school students with special needs, Ms. Freimann spent several years teaching Holocaust studies to religious school [...]

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FAMILY TREE: Rooted in Survival by Rebecca Freimann (Review)

First time author Rebecca Freimann throws her hat into the ring with FAMILY TREE: Rooted in Survival. This is the true story of three branches of a family. It tells of their struggles and herculean efforts to survive the Holocaust. With time slipping slowly into the future, we must realize that there are entire generations [...]

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Survey Says…

Hi, I'm asking everyone to take a short survey (less than 3 minutes) to help me determine the format and other options for my new (yet to be written) mystery series. I have entitled them the Candler Mysteries. Here's the link to the survey. I appreciate your help.  Simply click on the link below.   [...]

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Recent Discovery Leads to More Books

Cleaning files can be rewarding. But the work involved can be daunting. Especially after you've changed residences. Six years ago I officially retired from my day job. We picked up stakes and moved south. Upon arrival there was the usual chaos and everything was stowed away for the time being. That was before I wrote [...]

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