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A Gift to My Readers – FREE Short Story

As a way of expressing my gratitude to you, gentle reader, I would like to share a short piece that I recently wrote.      THE EIGHTVILLE MIRACLE   John Henry Carter was sixteen years old when his family moved away from the small town of Eightville, Tennessee. He'd finished his sophomore year at Dewey [...]

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Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop by Maxine Sylvester

Ronaldo: The Vixen Pederson Workshop with BONUS book Ronaldo: Rudi's Birthday Extravaganza (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 4)  by Maxine Sylvester It’s all about Teamwork A special treat from the author of the Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer series! This is actually two books in one. And what fun stories they are. In Rudi’s Birthday Extravaganza, [...]

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To The Land of Long Lost Friends by Alexander McCall Smith

Diamonds, Cheaters, and the Undead In this newest installment of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency (book 20), private detective Precious Ramotswe deals with an assortment of events. To The Land of Long Lost Friends first brings the intrepid detective face to face with an old friend who she had heard was deceased. Imagine her amazement [...]

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The Serpent and The Eagle by Edward Rickford (Book Review)

The Serpent and the Eagle takes the reader back to the time of Montezuma (Motecuhzoma) when he led the Mexica Confederacy. The year is 1519 and there is no reason not to believe that the Mexica Confederacy will continue to rule of the nation. The arrival of Spaniards, in search of gold and glory, arrive [...]

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Spinster Kang by Zoe S. Roy (Book Review)

The Story Having relocated from China to Toronto, Kang is learning to assimilate into the Western culture of Canada. Her decision to move from her homeland was triggered by two things. When Kang was 12 years old, her older sister (then 17) was raped. The ostracization her sister suffered made an impression on Kang who, [...]

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