American Exodus by JK Franks

//American Exodus by JK Franks

American Exodus by JK Franks

Written as a novella and companion book to his Catalyst Series, author JK Franks has produced a post-apocalyptic gem. This read reader has not yet read any of the other books in this series but having read American Exodus in just under three days I am now compelled to reach for the other books in this series.

In American Exodus, we meet Steve Porter, a successful and driven owner of several car dealerships across the South. He is husband to his third wife; father to an autistic son; lives in a well-to-do neighborhood in southern Georgia; and is on his way to a dealers convention in Charlotte, NC. On the final day of the convention he is at the Charlotte International Speedway when he is struck by one of his chronic migraine headaches. Once back in his hotel, he takes his medication, closes his eyes, and falls asleep only to awaken several hours later to a room without electricity or air-conditioning. From his penthouse window he see plumes of smoke arising from the speedway and assumes a tragic accident has occurred. Making his way to the lobby, he is startled to find it empty. In the hotel lounge he discovers another guest, an Australian man. Together they sit in the darkened and empty bar and share a drink. The Aussie hints at dire possibilities: a CME or EMP, an invasion by Russia or China, or even aliens. Steve soon learns that without electricity, something he has always taken for granted, his life is about to change.

With several hundred miles between Charlotte and Steve’s home, he sets out on foot to cover the distance. Within an hour he learns how unprepared he is to cope with this disaster. He must learn to follow the advice of the Aussie he left behind: “Be a rat”. The people and perils Steve encounters on his trek back home to Albany, Georgia comprise American Exodus. Will he return home to his troubled marriage and his autistic son Trey in time to provide help? And what of the disturbing news about the U.S. Government that he learns along the way?

Author JK Franks provides this compelling and oftentimes graphic look at the aftermath of a very real, very possible disaster scenario. Strong characters full of human frailties speak through their actions; some touch our hearts. Full of action, fans of the thriller genre will not be disappointed. And the cliffhanger ending has this reader demanding more. Action fans, don’t miss this one!

Rating:  5 stars

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