ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND by Gill Paul (Book Review)

//ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND by Gill Paul (Book Review)

ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND by Gill Paul (Book Review)

Another Woman’s Husband opens in 1997 with Rachel and Alex returning from a romantic evening in Paris. But their lives will be forever altered when the car ahead of them crashes in the Alma Tunnel. As Alex leaps from the taxi to assist, he is appalled to find Princess Diana as one of the victims. This night would be a turning point for Rachel and Alex, both British citizens on holiday.

The reader is next pulled back in time to 1911 when a young Mary Kirk meets Wallis Warfield at a summer camp. Mary is the quiet type of girl who is drawn to the self-assured, sometimes brazen, Wallis, who is a magnet for boys. This magnetism drew boys, and later men, to Wallis who seemed to thrive on the power she held in captivating them. But they were only conquests to Wallis who, it seemed, never really loved any of them. Perhaps it stemmed from the fact that Wallis and her mother were dependent on a rich uncle for their existence and Wallis was seeking security above all else.

Both Mary Kirk and Wallis Warfield eventually found love and married. Their friendship remained life-long. Wallis eventually went on to marry the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) who would abdicate the throne to take her as his wife.

While Princess Diana was considered a Royal Rebel, she had much in common with Wallis Simpson. Both caused scandals for the Royal Family; both were headstrong women in search of love. And in the end, it was Princess Diana who still cared enough about Wallis to visit her up until the time of the latter’s death in 1986.

Another Woman’s Husband is a skillfully woven tale of the secrets and mysteries that surround the Royal Family. Above all else, it is the tale of a friendship between two woman (Mary and Wallis) that survived the decades. But was the friendship more one-sided than is commonly known? And who is the other woman’s husband?

I loved this story! Having read several other works of Gill Paul, I found this one to be her best. I was fascinated to learn more about the personality of Edward VIII and of the inner workings of London society in the early 1900s. The details surrounding Princess Diana’s demise were all too real to this reader as I recall watching the news coverage of her death back in 1997. Another Woman’s Husband had me turning the pages to learn even more. Although the story alternates between the two time periods, it somehow seems fluent and easy to follow.

Readers interested in British Monarchy, the Royal Family, Princess Diana, or history in general will find this book fascinating and easy to read. And did I mention there is also romance involved?

Rating:  5 stars

5 stars

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