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Retired Librarians Welcome Author

  It was high noon (really 1:oo p.m.). The audience in front of me was comprised of thirty-five part-time librarians at a local senior community library. Their faces betrayed their somewhat jaded anticipation - a few smiles among a group of blank faces. They were gathered for their regular business meeting and to hear yet [...]

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Living in the Middle by A. Robert Allen (Book Review)

Living in the Middle is the story of James (Jimmy) Montgomery III, son of the New York City Montgomerys. Never close to his high society mother, Jimmy hardly misses her when she doesn’t attend his high school graduation. But when he returns home, he soon learns that he is unwelcome in the house where he [...]

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Memorial Day Memories

In honor of Memorial Day, I've decided to share with you an excerpt from my book VALLEY MEMORIES: A Nostalgic Look At Growing Up in the Lower Naugatuck Valley. Here's the excerpt from the chapter titled May Memories.   Another special May memory is of the Derby-Shelton Memorial Day Parade. On parade day my dad [...]

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Your SECOND CHANCE is Coming!

Most of you know that I am still in the throes of editing my newest novel COMING HOME TO LOVE. This will be the first book of my Second Chance At Love romance series centered around more mature (senior) characters. As the adage goes, write what you I'm pulling out these older folks and giving [...]

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The Gown by Jennifer Robson (Book Review)

In The Gown we are treated to a unique perspective of post-World War II (1947) England through the eyes of two young women. Ann Hughes is the chief embroiderer in the fashion house of Hartnell, a designer most often called upon to furnish gowns and dresses for Britain’s Royal Family. When news reaches the workroom [...]

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Free Short Story Only For Subscribers

Lately I've been co-facilitator for a writing class here in the community where I live. It's been fun helping others with their forays into the field of the written word. But it's been inspirational as well. A couple of weeks ago, I awoke with this short story swirling in my head. I am going to [...]

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The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott (Book Review)

Fans of Alfred Hitchcock will revel in the story of The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott. A weave of mystery and terror, the story follows Ailsa Calder on her journey back to her childhood home in Scotland. Upon her mother’s recent death, Ailsa inherits half of the house known as the Manse. The other half [...]

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AS BRIGHT AS HEAVEN by Susan Meissner (Book Review)

As Bright As Heaven follows the Bright family as father Thomas, mother Pauline, and their three daughters Evie, Maggie, and Willa make the move from Quakertown, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia. We meet the family shortly after the death of their six-month old son Henry. Each family member is trying to cope with the loss of their [...]

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I don't often pass along these kinds of notices but I believe this one is special. Fellow author Rebecca Freimann will be the speaker at the Norwalk Public Library on Sunday, May 19, 2019. She will be speaking about her newly published book FAMILY TREE- Rooted in Survival. If you missed my review of the [...]

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ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND by Gill Paul (Book Review)

Another Woman’s Husband opens in 1997 with Rachel and Alex returning from a romantic evening in Paris. But their lives will be forever altered when the car ahead of them crashes in the Alma Tunnel. As Alex leaps from the taxi to assist, he is appalled to find Princess Diana as one of the victims. [...]

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