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Bianca: The Brave, Frail and Delicate Princess by Meg Welch Dendler



Meg Welch Dendler


I am proud to introduce a wonderful fairy-tale for children of all ages (1 – 101).

Thirteen year old Princess Bianca of Pacifico has led a sheltered life. “Her father, King Dominic, loved her to the point of smothering.” She is tutored and cared for by a bevy of servants who won’t allow her to lift a finger. The queen, Ariana the Fair, had died giving birth to the princess and the court doctors had decreed Bianca a frail and delicate baby who might succumb at any moment. But Bianca has defied the odd and grown into a beautiful and healthy teen-ager. She is kept in her tower room to avoid her exposure to germs and illnesses. She isn’t even allowed a pet although she would dearly love a dog.

To put it bluntly, Bianca is bored with her life. She seeks adventure and almost anything out of the ordinary piques her curiosity. Until the day a dragon threatens the kingdom and the king with his knights sets off to battle the fierce creature. When the war party fails to return Biance assumes control and sets off on her own to save her father and his knights. She takes with her only a few meager supplies and Sammy the opinionated donkey to save the kingdom.



Meg Welch Dendler has created a fairy-tale masterpiece. Reminiscent of fairy-tales of old, readers will fall in love with Bianca. Her adventures are appealing to boys and girls of all ages. Complete with a dragon, fairies, life lessons, and the requisite witch, Bianca the Brave Frail and Delicate Princess is an endearing story that will endure. Brava!

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Rating:  5 stars


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Author Meg Welch Dendler

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