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In the late 1990s Ms. Marchetto decided to put her one burning idea into a novel. Her in-laws owned a lovely old house in an historic area of New Haven, Connecticut. There were many things she loved about that house, most especially the small stained-glass window in the stairwell  and the built-in china closet. During many family gatherings she began to imagine the previous owners and what their lives were like. That was the starting point for 201 Atwater. Ms. Marchetto spent about three years writing long-hand, during her lunch breaks, the skeleton of 201 Atwater. In early 2005 it was published and her dream of becoming a writer came true.

Kind words of reviewers and readers prompted her write again. The idea for Honeysuckle Hill had been brewing when a friend suggested she set the story in her old hometown. In 2007 readers were reaching for their tissue boxes as they rediscovered that true love doesn’t die but lasts for an eternity. The story is based on Pootatuck Indian Lillinonah for whom a lake is named.

It took Ms. Marchetto three years to complete Oak Cliff.  It is the last in the Merline Madagascar trilogy. Unlike its predecessors, Oak Cliff’s occupants were ill-fated. As a change of pace, Ms. Marchetto presents this crossover to the dark side of life.

bridgewater-chronicles-logo-v10-350x150Ms. Marchetto is currently at work on a multi-generational family saga entitled The Bridgewater Chronicles, a series combining the gentility of life in a Downton Abbey-like household while combining the drive and ambition of a Mr. Selfridge-style entrepreneur. The first book of this series, Stairway To My Heart, has received highly favorable reviews. In 2013 Stairway To My Heart was chosen (in ebook format) as one of the ebooks to be uploaded on the Kindle Fire tucked into each celebrity gift-bag at the 2013 International Emmy Awards.

This Jaded Heart  Book 2 of The Bridgewater Chronicles  is the story of the offspring of Cordelia and Kevin Newkirk, and it is a story of contrasts between the children. Centered around the life of middle daughter Birdie Newkirk, it is a journey across the globe in search of love and acceptance.

Book 3 – Teddy Blue– continues the saga. Will the Newkirk grandchildren follow their mother’s glamorous life, continue the Newkirk dynasty, or opt for the simple life? From Hollywood to Europe to the Caribbean, follow the life and times of granddaughter Zena Hawkins.

Book 4 – Bridgewater Holidays – is a companion book that tells how the residents of Bridgewater marked the milestones of the years.

Book 5 – The Bridgewater Legacy – Two novellas combine to tell the tale of The Bridgewater Legacy. In Part I – The Bridgewater Chronicles the twins of Zena Hawkins leave their mark on the family home but leave no heirs. In Part 2 – Au Futur – The Conservancy discovers an obscure descendant of Kevin Newkirk. Will this heir take on the challenges of Bridgewater or will the estate face the wrecking ball? With self-guided hover cars, clinical human reproduction, android house servants, and virtual offices being routine conveniences of the future, how will Bridgewater manage to remain relevant? Secrets are revealed and questions answered in this final book of the series.

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Bridgewater Holidays:

A First Class Christmas, Impatient Hearts, The Spirit of Easter, The Second Mother, Decoration Day, A Man Called Papa, Happy Birthday America! These are all short stories centered around Bridgewater and further serve to show the contrast between the affluent Newkirk family and their domestic servants. (Available only as ebooks at this time.)

Valley Memories: A Nostalgic Look at Growing Up in The Lower Naugatuck Valley– is a compilation of my memories of growing up in Connecticut. They are based on my popular monthly column entitled Valley Memories. I hope you’ll enjoy the trip back in time to the 1950s and 1960s.

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