Book Launch – Bridgewater Holidays #Bridgewaterbooklaunch

//Book Launch – Bridgewater Holidays #Bridgewaterbooklaunch

Book Launch – Bridgewater Holidays #Bridgewaterbooklaunch

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We’re having a book launch party! And you’re invited!

DATE:      November 1 (it’s a Sunday afternoon)

TIME:      4:00 P.M. Eastern Time  (Tea Time)

PLACE:    On-line, specifically on my Facebook Author Page – if you’ve already “Liked” it, you’ll know where to find it; if you haven’t, then visit now and hit the “Like” button!

ATTIRE:   Whatever you’re comfortable in! Or you can deck yourself out in Bridgewater fashion. (If you’re dressed a la Bridgewater, why not upload a selfie and show off your attire?)



Let’s have some fun with this book! It centers around the major holidays and how they are celebrated at Bridgewater.

I’ll be answering any questions you have about BRIDGEWATER HOLIDAYS or any of the other Bridgewater books – even the one I haven’t finished yet.

Let me know your thoughts on what you’re expecting from the book, and what you’d like to see in future books.

Maybe we’ll have a trivia contest too! Not promising that yet….



Let’s see if we can’t give Cordelia Newkirk a run for her money by having afternoon tea and learning about BRIDGEWATER HOLIDAYS!





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