BOOK REVIEW: A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander

//BOOK REVIEW: A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander

BOOK REVIEW: A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander

Post Civil War Fall Out

I love romance set against an historical background. Even more, I love when that story takes place in the era of the Civil War. So right from the start I felt A Lasting Impression had two things going for it.

Tamera Alexander’s depiction of post-Civil War Nashville and the South is compelling. Her many-faceted characters are intriguing. The setting of Belmont in Nashville and the incorporation of Adelicia Acklen – the real owner of the estate used in a fictitious manner – made it all the better for me. The idea of our heroine being an erstwhile art forger was deliciously different. I also enjoyed the angst she had to deal with when fearing that her background would be learned by her suitor – a Nashville attorney who is like a son to Mrs. Acklen. Our heroine, Claire Laurent, has overcome several tragedies before she lands a position as Mrs. Acklen’s personal liaison.

However, the story itself moved much too slowly for me. Lots of soul-searching on the parts of Claire and Sutton (her suitor) made me yearn for more action scenes or even witty repartee. I found myself enjoying the secondary characters of Corinda, Eli, and Zeke much more.

When Claire’s background finally comes to light I was a bit let down. It seems that the outcome was wrapped up too easily. I was hoping for some in-depth scenes in the courtroom where Claire would testify to her father’s and uncle’s business in forged artwork. A confrontation or two would have been just the thing to drive the wedge between Claire and Sutton. As it was, the outcome was too neatly wrapped up.

While the story was solid, it wasn’t the kind of book I couldn’t put down. In fact, I put it down so many times I had to sequester myself in order to finish it.

I’ll definitely give Ms. Alexander’s books another try though as I feel this may have been one of her lesser works.

Rating: MMM


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