BOOK REVIEW: Adrift by Robin Wainwright

//BOOK REVIEW: Adrift by Robin Wainwright

BOOK REVIEW: Adrift by Robin Wainwright



I absolutely love stories with a touch of history and the paranormal. So I was excited to win a copy of Adrift from the author’s giveaway. The story begins with Heather, who has recently lost her father. She is lonely and miserable and rattling around the house they both shared. Heather’s has had no social life since she had been her father’s caregiver. On a whim to escape the encroaching depression, she throws a packed suitcase into her car and sets off on a drive along the California coast to parts unknown. By late afternoon she arrives at the tourist village of Crescent Bay. In short order (a day or two) she becomes friends with Sarah, owner of the local B&B. At this point fate steps in and takes over. Or is it the ofttimes seen ghost who inhabits the abandoned and dilapidated lighthouse and keeper’s cottage? Meanwhile, Sarah convinces the town council to have the lighthouse renovated as a means to bring in tourist money. The company selected to offer a bid has sent their top guy Daniel – literally he is the president of 1906 Renovation that specializes in lighthouses. As fate would have it Daniel and Heather are instantly attracted to each other. There is plenty of flirtatious banter until the ghost of the lighthouse steps in.

I enjoyed this story very much and could easily see it as a made-for-tv movie on one of the chick-flick channels. The action moves along fairly well and there are several secondary characters that provide lots of interest, i.e., Michael and Jennifer. There are several areas that I would have liked to know more about. Mainly, who is the ghost and why is he/she so adamant about keeping Heather and Daniel apart? A bit more backstory could have been easily included. I’m hoping that since this is the first book in a trilogy that the answer will become more evident in one of the other books.

A good read for those who like something light.

Rating:  M M M

Caution:  This book has an abundance of typos, grammar mistakes, and formatting errors. Althought the author claims that the book was edited, I respectfully disagree.

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