BOOK REVIEW: Evening by Susan Minot

//BOOK REVIEW: Evening by Susan Minot

BOOK REVIEW: Evening by Susan Minot


In 1955 Ann Grant attends the wedding of her best friend in Maine. During that fateful weekend she falls in love with a young doctor from Chicago. Fate works her magic and they consummate their love within hours of meeting each other. Forty-eight hours later the doctor’s fiancee arrives and tells her betrothed that she is carrying his child. He is torn between his love for Ann and his duty to his intended.

Now at the end of her life Ann Grant Lord lies in her bed. She is dying from cancer and each day the pain gets worse. Her children from her three marriages gather round and keep a death vigil while Ann mentally slips back in time to that weekend in 1955 when she fell in love. Her memories of that weekend become mixed with memories of her three marriages and with the hallucinations brought on by the heavy pain medicines she is taking.

This is an interesting book; highly imaginative in the way that it is written. The reader is taken on a roller-coaster ride through the mind of a dying woman who mentally reviews her life and still wonders what if she had married her young Chicago doctor. Throughout the narrative she is speaking to a male entity – it is never clear if that person is at her bedside in substance or only in spirit. We are led to believe that it is her young beau from 1955. She relives that fateful weekend in great detail although the memories are mixed with memories of other men (her three husbands) and other places she has been. Her children are the buzzards circling her deathbed. Nurse Brown is the voice of reason who writes her reports on her patient in a clinical manner that is much needed after the ramblings of the elderly Ann.

For me this book gave insight into the final days and hours of a person who has accepted her fate, knows she is about to die, and embraces the end. Everything else is secondary. A thought-provoking story that I finished in under a week.

Rating:  MMM


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  1. Darlyne September 17, 2013 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Hi Marion, I love reading your reviews…I don,t know where you find the time to read and still write your own books….I’m impressed…I have to admit that I still have not gotten your 4 books that I so desperately want to read because finances are a little tight…I want to order all 4 at once (I’m weird like that lol) but will probably order just 1 at a time..Thanks again for the book plates….Happy reading…

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