BOOK REVIEW: My Brother, The Alien by Ventakesh Krish

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BOOK REVIEW: My Brother, The Alien by Ventakesh Krish

My Brother The Alien


When Maddy and her friend Michael run into a boy hiding in an animal barn on their field trip to the zoo, they are amazed to see the boy eating hay and straw. Somehow Maddy convinces her mom to bring the boy home since he claims he hasn’t seen his parents in 14 sleeps – which they assume means days. But things start to get strange when the boy prefers the leaves from their maple tree to any other kind of food set before him. Even stranger is that both Maddy and Michael see the boy, who has climbed the tree, reach out and pull the leaves off of a branch with his tongue – and that branch is three feet above the boy! Adventures abound when Maddy’s family realizes that the boy – Alfear – can hear their thoughts telepathically and that he can converse with his real parents the same way. But now his real family and the others on their ship won’t be back to Earth for three more years.

The story is charming and full of unexpected twists. The earthling children are lovable as is Alfear – when he’s not in his normal green state. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it an easy read as an adult. The ending resolves one major conflict for Alfear and sets up the reader for the next installment (I hope) of this charming tale.

Rating:  MMMMM

Suitable for youngsters from 5 to 55 who like their aliens friendly and peaceful.

Available only as a Kindle Edition.

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