Book Review: SeaSwept by Jordan Rivet

//Book Review: SeaSwept by Jordan Rivet

Book Review: SeaSwept by Jordan Rivet



This book picks up exactly where Seabound (Book 1 Seabound Chronicles) leaves off. Our erstwhile heroine Esther has developed a live-changing system for turning algae into a usable fuel for the surviving ships and the race is on. The survivors aboard the Catalina – Esther’s home ship – want to retain the technology for themselves, Esther wants to give it away to everyone in a humane gesture, and her friend David thinks they should sell the technology to the highest bidder. Everyone except for Esther agrees to selling the technology. What follows is a story of intrigue, suspense, piracy, and high-seas adventure. David is kidnapped by the most feared Calderon Group and Esther in a fool-hardy venture to save her would-be boyfriend joins their rivals the Metal Harvesters in an attempt to save his life.

Along the way we meet a terrific cast of secondary characters in Dirk, Zoe, Luke, and Cody. Old favorites return as well with Neal the communications guy taking top spot, along with Captain Judith of the Catalina, and Esther’s father Simon. Seems like Neal is shaping up to take the lead if and when Book 3 is released.

I enjoyed following the adventures of this rag-tag bunch of survivors. It seemed a bit slow in parts as we were party to Esther’s musings about her feelings for David and vice versa but by story’s end things are better settled. Esther makes a terrific heroine though as she seems fearless and strong despite being dealt physical blows that would drop some men I know. And with her new friend Zoe at her side they become the Dynamic Duo of the Waves. The ships themselves, while no longer the gleaming floating resorts or bristling warships or stately fishing boats they once were, take on new personas as well since their conversions to floating rescue villages and I found this aspect quite interesting as well.


Rating:  M M M M

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