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BOOK REVIEW: Sedulity 2: Aftershock by David P. Forsyth

Sedulity 2


The second book in the Sedulity Saga continues with the epic story of the cruise ship Sedulity as she recovers from the impact of an asteroid hitting the Pacific Ocean a mere one-hundred miles from her position. While the captain tries to make the best of a rag-tag band of crew and passengers as they deal not only with their injuries and loss of loved ones, the rest of the world is bracing for the aftermath of the impact. Giant tsunamis and earthquakes deal death-hands to countries, towns, and ports along the Pacific Rim. What meteorologists are loath to divulge to the general public is that Earth is now on the brink of another ice-age, like the one that caused dinosaurs to become extinct. By alerting the general public of all nations what to expect they fear mass panic as people try to flee their homes in search of a warmer climate. But is there such a place that won’t feel the ravages on the oncoming ice age?

This book reveals the aftermath of the all too real scenario of a possible asteroid impact on our Earth. Additionally it sets up a bleak future for mankind with the impending ice age if scientific calculations are to be believed. The epic destruction of not only coastal towns but the wiping of entire countries off the map makes for a sobering read. However, I feel that there is a lot more to come as our intrepid band of cruise ship passengers makes for the only known port on the Pacific – Darwin, Australia – in a race against time as large underwater tsunamis are headed in the same direction.

I found Sedulity 2: Aftershock to be as seat gripping as the first book in the series. While there is a lot of meteorological terminology and scientific references, these are set forth to shore up the fact of the impending ice age and what it can do to mankind. I did not find it boring in the least and was happy to see some of the characters I bonded with in Book 1 make a return. While this book is somewhat shorter than its predecessor, it does connect the dots for the reader. We begin to understand the reasons why those in command make the decisions they do and how those decisions can affect the future of Earth.

I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to the next in the series.

Rating:  M M M M M

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