Book Review: The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs

//Book Review: The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs

Book Review: The Apple Orchard by Susan Wiggs

The Apple Orchard


Tess Delaney is a professional who works with antiquities – she is the person who tracks down and finds vintage items (jewelry, decorative pieces, artwork, sculpture) for Sheffield House. Tess is highly respected in her field and is on the brink of a promotion if she can convince the elderly owner of a rare Russian lavaliere to put the piece up for auction. Not only does Tess enjoy her work, she does so because of the history involved with the pieces and the people she works with. In this respect she has followed in her mother’s and her grandmother’s footsteps. She is a twenty-nine year old professional with no thought of a personal relationship on the horizon. But all that changes when she inherits half of a working apple orchard from a grandfather she didn’t know she had, she also finds a family (her father’s) that has existed without her knowledge. And there is nothing Tess has wanted more than to be part of a family. The executor of her grandfather’s estate is a handsome banker named Dominic Rossi who breaks the news to Tess about her inheritance.

This modern day romance is just the thing to pick you up during the stay-at-home days of winter. The sunny apple orchard, the intrigue of Grandfather Johansen and his early days in the Dutch Resistance helping the Jews, and the growing relationship between Tess and Dominic as well as her new-found family is just the sort of feel-good story we need from time to time. Once I began reading I couldn’t put down the book. While not edge-of-your-seat reading The Apple Orchard is story-telling at its best. As part of a two-book series, it is quite satisfying.

Rating: M M M M

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