BOOK REVIEW: The Heavenly Road Trip by Fiona Linday

//BOOK REVIEW: The Heavenly Road Trip by Fiona Linday

BOOK REVIEW: The Heavenly Road Trip by Fiona Linday

A Short Anthology written for young adults. I felt this anthology would be highly suitable for adult readers as well. Highly readable at a mere thirty pages.

Off The Beaten Path
Young Yuliya prays daily for deliverance from her life of servitude to her family. She dreams of going to college and one day marrying Branimir – a gypsy youth. But when her father’s debts are due, he arranges for her to be taken by his unsavory associates as payment of those debts. Her mother calls upon Branimir and his family and it is with them that Yuliya’s prayers are answered. (Provocative)

Still First
Sixteen year-old Bronte has two dreams: to qualify for the Paralympics and to win her race. While her teammate daydreams about having a perfect body and is interested in fashion, Bronte concentrates on efforts in the pool. Swimming frees her from her physical limitations and from the pain of injections to make her legs stronger. Hours of pre-school early morning training sessions earn her a spot on the G.B. squad – yet through it all Bronte’s concern is for her brother Shane. (Inward Perspective)

Meg’s Diary
When a boy named Rob finds the diary of sixteen year-old girl named Meg, he is drawn to reading the seven entries within. The entries serve as a guide to the hereafter and help Rob make the transition from this plane to Forevermore (heaven). (Unique Perspective On The Afterlife)

Paradise Lost….Not!
A distinctive look at the Second Coming through the eyes of a family who treads carefully across the flaming abyss and arrives at the Table of the Lord. (Thought-Provoking Yet Familiar)

Rating: MMMMM

This is a Kindle Book



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