Book Review: THE SMUGGLER’S LADY by Jane Feather

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Book Review: THE SMUGGLER’S LADY by Jane Feather

A unique take on the usual British romance novel. Merrie has resorted to leading a small band of Cornish smugglers to earn the money needed to redeem her home in Cornwall after her now deceased husband left her a legacy of gambling debts. Damian, Lord Rutherford, takes up residence in the godforsaken and unkempt country home of his deceased cousin Lord Mallory. Things at that estate are in a serious state of squalor. What ensues is the romance between an unsuited pair.

I found the story interesting on many levels. It was quite evident to me that Ms. Feather has done her research on the varying aspects of Cornish smuggling and London society. However, I was a bit put off by the use of ‘period vocabulary’; while necessary to a certain point, too much of it can be a bit confusing for the average reader.

Overall, the story moved along at a steady pace. The characters were quite complex. And I found myself trying to figure out what conflict could come next before the two decided to yield to their common interest: love.

Readers of this genre will not be disappointed.

Rating: MMM
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