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BOOK REVIEW: The Voyagers by Vivian Lord


The Voyagers


My husband found this paperback at an estate sale and purchased it because he knows I like stories having to do with cruise ships. For those of you who have been readers for at least twenty-five years you will be pleasantly taken back in time.

The story covers the time period from the late 1800s to the mid-1930s as we follow the lives and loves of Sara Winston and her husband Adam Marlen. Impetuous and stubborn, Sara’s hero among her ancestors is one called The Gentleman Pirate. Unlike her prim and educated sister Katherine, Sara has the sea in her heart. It is she who follows in the ship-building footsteps of her father, grandfather, and so many others who have steered the Winston lines through their early days of clipper ships and into the new business of passenger liners. Adam Marlen is a man of mystery who commands his own ship. His success has been earned through hard work and determination. He is a man who ultimately gets what he wants. When Sara, her sister, and her father return from their sojourn in Europe, it is the Storm King (Marlen’s ship) that catches Sara’s eye. A beauty of a ship; but it is the ship’s captain that also catches and holds Sara’s attention. A man like no other she has met, he is a temptation to Sara’s budding interest in men. Unlike other men, however, he shows no apparent interest in her as he seemingly devotes all of his attention to his ship. But when a runaway carriage almost runs down Sara and her sister, it is the dark Adam Marlen who leaps to their rescue. Sparks fly and true love is ignited. But as we all know, the path to true love is not a smooth one. The Voyagers follows Sara and Adam’s life story: their elopement, their family life, the rivalry between the Winston and Marlen shipping lines, the almost insurmountable events that tear them apart. It is their deep inner strength that carries them through to the end, depicting that true love can be exhilarating and all consuming at the same time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Not only were the settings rich and colorful but the characters were at once simple yet complex. There were several twists that surprised me and I liked those a lot. I enjoyed this story for several other reasons as well. It was tightly plotted; the grammar and formatting were well done; the author had done plenty of research as is evidenced in the details of the scenes. I miss the authors of thirty years ago and was happy to find this one.



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