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The Bridgewater Legacy
Series: The Bridgewater Chronicles, Book 5
Genre: Historical Fiction and Family Saga
Tag: Recommended Books
Publication Year: 2016
Length: complete novel
ISBN: 9781540538086

"I inherited one hell of a legacy" - Reggie Newkirk

Thus opens the final book of The Bridgewater Chronicles. To find out exactly what that legacy is and how, or even if, it manages to survive the dysfunctional Newkirk offspring, pick up your copy of The Bridgewater Legacy now.

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About the Book



Two novellas combine to tell the tale of The Bridgewater Legacy. In Part I – The Bridgewater Chronicles – the twins of Zena Hawkins leave their mark on the family home but leave no heirs. In Part 2 –Au Futur – The Conservancy discovers an obscure descendant of Kevin Newkirk. Will this heir take on the challenges of Bridgewater or will the estate face the wrecking ball? With self-guided hover cars, clinical human reproduction, android house servants, and virtual offices being routine conveniences of the future, how will Bridgewater manage to remain relevant? Secrets are revealed and questions answered in this final book of The Bridgewater Chronicles.



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