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Stairway to My Heart
Series: The Bridgewater Chronicles, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction and Family Saga
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Publication Year: 2012
ISBN: 1475932944

What happens when the son of high society Boston old money marries the nouveau riche New York daughter of immigrant trades folk? Will there be smooth sailing? Or will there be rough waters?

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About the Book

Book 1- The Bridgewater Chronicles

Fans of the popular Emmy award-winning series Downton Abbey will be irresistibly drawn to STAIRWAY TO MY HEART, the first book of The Bridgewater Chronicles. Come behind the scenes of a fictitious American dynasty and uncover the lives, loves, and lies that take place in this intriguing family saga.

What happens when the son of high society Boston old money marries the nouveau riche New York daughter of immigrant trades folk? Will there be smooth sailing? Will there be rough waters?


From the moment Cordelia Conner is born in New York in 1890, her seamstress mother vows her daughter’s life will be far better than hers.  She dreams that one day, her daughter will become a lady of quality and marry a wealthy man—and she is prepared to dedicate her life to make it happen. Hundreds of miles away, young Kevin Newkirk is growing up in a prominent Boston family, accustomed to a life of prestige. He is keenly aware that he is the last Newkirk male and in need of a suitable wife to provide him with a son to carry on the family name. In love with a woman whose heritage is questionable, Kevin faces a dilemma.

Fate brings the two together during a weekend at the Buttermilk Bay summer home of the Newkirk family. Cordelia accompanies her brother when his own wife is unable to attend; she is scorned by the other candidates for Kevin’s affection as well as by his parents who see her as beneath their station. Kevin dislikes being forced into a loveless relationship with a society girl and sees Cordelia as the answer to his dilemma – she is pretty and available. Cordelia sees in Kevin the means to fulfill her mother’s burning passion. Will this union withstand the test of time – or will the two lovers succumb to the temptations that their riches can buy?

The Bridgewater Chronicles is set in the fictitious town of Woodhaven, Connecticut where the young Newkirks establish their palatial home on three hundred and fifty acres of forested land. The series follows the generation of this American dynasty from the opening scene in 1890 through to its conclusion in the current era.

The first book of The Bridgewater Chronicles, STAIRWAY TO MY HEART introduces us to the Newkirk family, a turn-of-the-century affluent family and their devoted household staff. As you navigate the twists and turns of this intricate drama you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be captivated by the characters – and taken in by the sweet sensuality of The Bridgewater Chronicles.

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 I thoroughly enjoyed every second of Stairway to My Heart, and believe you will too! – Candace Lybarger’s blog Endless Days of Literary Ecstasy

Grab a cup of tea and indulge in this energizing romance. – review on

Stairway to My Heart is a strong romance – Midwest Book Reviews 


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