The Bridgertons Series by Julia Quinn – Two Book Reviews

//The Bridgertons Series by Julia Quinn – Two Book Reviews

The Bridgertons Series by Julia Quinn – Two Book Reviews

On Way To Wedding


Of the eight Bridgerton siblings, only Gregory Bridgerton remains unmarried. He is holding out for a love match like his three brothers and four sisters did. However, he is not rushing into a search for love preferring to let love find him. He’s sure to recognize it, isn’t he? And when, purely by chance, he spies the lovely Hermione Watson at his brother’s house party Gregory is certain that Cupid’s arrow has pierced his heart. But Miss Watson fancies herself in love with another and keeps her distance from Gregory.

Lucy Abernathy has been “almost engaged” for the past decade to someone of her uncle’s choosing. And while it isn’t a love match she is determined to make the best of her situation. After all, that’s what she does best. She does believe, however, that her friend Hermione should find love. To that end Lucy agrees to help Gregory win the aloof Hermione. While doing so, Gregory and Lucy realize they love each other. But circumstances, like Lucy’s betrothal and a case of treason, come between them.

A riveting story of love and intrigue and happy endings. This edition contains a second epilogue that adds thirty-two pages of drama and intrigue.

Rating:  5 Stars


Girl With Make Believe Husband


When Cecilia Harcourt chooses her faux husband, she chooses well. He is her injured brother’s comrade in arms and fortunately for her, in a coma from his battle wounds.

With the death of her father and news of her brother being injured coming with the span of three days, Cecilia is feeling alone and at loose ends. She sets off for the colonies to locate her injured brother and tend to him. Once in New York Town our heroine finds things not to her liking. The British Army stymies all of her inquiries. While searching the hospital there for her injured sibling, she comes across a comatose Captain Edward Rokesby with whom she is acquainted through her brother’s correspondence. Alone and frustrated, she claims him as her husband and stays by his side until he awakens. But Captain Rokesby can’t remember the past three months and believes Cecilia when she informs him that they were married via proxy at her brother’s urging. She intends to tell the truth once she learns news of her brother but of course circumstances prevent that from happening.

Will Cecilia find her brother who has gone missing before Edward regains his memory? Can she fight her growing attraction to her devoted make-believe husband before things go too far and she’s compromised? And why has Cecilia’s brother gone missing when he was reported as merely injured? How does the popular Bridgerton family figure into this story?

Fan of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series will find themselves spellbound by this prequel. The story is not confined to the ballrooms and drawing rooms of London although British aristocracy carries their code of ethics across the ocean to New York Town of 1779. A thoroughly satisfying read.

Rating:  4.5 stars


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