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Christmas Wishes

A Note from the Mistress of Bridgewater


As all of us here at Bridgewater prepare for the celebration of Christmas, I’m sure you can appreciate the organized chaos that heralds the approach of the holiday. Even as I sit in the library with pen in hand, I hear Head Steward Lawson offer direction to the team of footmen carrying in one of several evergreen trees that will be decorated to grace our home. The entire house at present is filled with the heady aromas of gingerbread, lemon, and peppermint coming from Mrs. Grant’s kitchen. If you’ve read Bridgewater Holidays then you already know that all of us at Bridgewater take our holiday celebrations seriously!


Please accept my heartfelt thanks for following the escapades and life choices of the Newkirk family through our Bridgewater Chronicles.


Merry Christmas Tidings and may your Yule Log burn brightly!


Cordelia Newkirk


Author’s Note:  I would like to add my own heartfelt Christmas wishes to one and all at this time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday I wish you peace and joy. –Marion Marchetto

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